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Our team will take your specifications and your area's building requirements, based on wind and/or snow loads, to recommended the best, most cost effective solution for you. For all of the carports that we provide to Warrensburg, Missouri, we offer either non-certified carports and engineer certified units, where required. Our strong, painted steel panels are a standard 29 gauge with the option to upgrade to heavier 26 gauge steel panel. Our standard framing system is square, 14 gauge galvanized steel tube with a 12 gauge option that is available. We offer three distinct roof systems and a choice of 13 colors from which to choose. With all of these options, it's easy to customize a carport or other metal building that will work for you.

Our Metal Carports for Warrensburg, MO

Metal Carports Direct offers strong, high-quality, steel and metal carports at the most competitive prices in Warrensburg, MO and in the area towns and communities like Centerview, MO, Holden, MO, Kingsville, MO, Chilhowee, MO, Blairstown, MO, Leeton, mO, Calhoun, MO, Clinton, MO, Windsor, MO, Bryson, MO, Green Ridge, MO, Sedalia, MO, Georgetown, MO, Dresden, MO, La Monte, MO, Hughesville, MO, Houstonia, MO, Valley City, MO, Ernestville, MO, Sweet Springs, MO, Concordia, MO, Aullville, MO, Higginsville, MO, Mayview, MO, Odessa, MO, Lake Lafayette, MO, Columbus, MO, Lee's Summit, MO, Kansas City, Mo, Harrisonville, MO, and more. Because of our volume, our skilled installation teams, and our effective scheduling so we can group installations close together, all work well to get our customers a great product at the best price possible.

We have a huge of carports and shelters that are ideal for a variety of uses. Whether you have a narrow or large driveway, small building lot or a clear open field, we have widths from 12' wide up to 60' wide, lengths from 21' and up, and side heights, in some areas, up to 20' tall. In addition to providing shelter for your vehicle, the units can be used as:

  • RV carports and cover
  • Fifth-wheel travel trailer shelters
  • ATV and motorcycle shelters
  • Farm equipment shelters and sheds
  • Park and recreation shelters
  • Picnic and employee break shelters
  • Livestock shelters or run-in sheds
  • Utility and combo carports with secure storage


Because we offer a variety options, such as extra panels for the side walls, gables for the end walls, enclosed sides and ends, a variety of color selections, the unit can be customized for just about any use and for appearance. As long as the unit is tall enough to fit garage doors, any carport can be have all walls closed to create a garage or workshop in the future.


Metal Carports Direct is known for providing top quality carports at the most competitive price for residents of Warrensburg, MO. Our mission is to provide our customers in the Show Me State and the USA with all of the information that they need to make the most informed buying decision possible. If you don't know what you need at this point, we will work with you to provide you with some options so that you can choose the best one that works for you.


The process to get your order started is very easy. We will get all of you contact information, building specifications, colors, site installation surface, etc. on one of our order forms. For accuracy and to ensure that you get exactly what you need, we will send that order to you for review. Your unit will be manufactured and a customer service representative will contact you to schedule delivery of your new carport or other metal building! It's simple and easy!


Once you approve the order, we will process a small down payment to get the order started and you can pay the balance once the building is delivered and complete. We also have Rent-to-Own and Financing options available in most areas. 


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