Metal Shed Or Wooden Shed: Which is the Best Option for You


It is the tiresome task to decide which one is worth Metal or Wooden Shed, especially when you purchase for the first time. To make your work easier, here we elaborate the distinction between Metal Shed and Wooden Shed along with their pros and cons.


Overview of Metal Shed

A metal shed is constructed with galvanized aluminium, steel or corrugated iron. It is considered as cost-effective shed due to the popularity from many years. Similarly, metal sheds come in various designs and shapes to improve the decor of outdoor areas.


Advantages of Metal Sheds

Easy to Assemble

Metal sheds doesn't require professional workers as it comes with metal building kits and instruction manual to ensure DIY installation. It is a good option for saving additional labor cost, time and manual efforts. All you need to follow the instruction before assembling in your backyard garden or wherever you want to install.



It is specially designed with weatherproof steel along with high-quality paint finish to withstand with heavy rain, snow or bad storm. Similarly, it also prevents the indoor tools from rust, moisture, mold spore, fire and pest damage.


Safety against Thieves

Safety is the main concern when it comes to metal garages because it is not possible for you to keep an eye 24 hours on lavish cars and trucks. In this case, metal sheds are more secure due to the present reinforced hinges that ban the forced entry and keeps the equipment safe.


Inbuilt Ventilation System

Proper ventilation keeps the foul smell out from the shed and brings freshness in every nook and corner. Most of the metal shed includes active, passive or wild turbine ventilation system to improve the air quality in the garden shed. These are beneficial for circulating fresh air and removing mildew, spores, excessive moisture, high heat, chemical fumes from the shed roof.



One of the biggest advantages of metal shelters garages and sheds holds a large warranty against manufacturing defects.



Metal is the durable material that is coated with galvanized or vinyl to enhance the lifespan of the metal sheds. With these reasons, you can build the metal shed in the backyard without worrying of cold temperature, and sun exposure.


Disadvantages of Metal Sheds


The shed life is entirely depends upon the quality if you buy a metal shed, garden from the reputed firm along with the material guarantee, it will easy to last around 10 years. However, metal sheds are also available in cheap stuff that is cheaper in price, but doesn't guarantee of rust and security. The better the brand, the better the quality you will get in your purchasing shed.


Wooden Shed Overview

Wood housing or wooden frame is the traditional option for saving the household items even it gives shelter to your favorite pets and animals. It prevents the firewood from moisture and awful weather conditions, but it is most-expensive compared to the metal counterparts.


Advantages of Wood Sheds


Due to its aesthetic looks and design offers several decoration ideas to enhance the look of the garden area. For instance – you can hang the colorful flowers, potted plants over the doors and windows.



Wooden sheds come in an array of styles and range of distinct sizes so, you can choose as per the desire of your home.


Disadvantages of Wooden Sheds/Housing


The wooden storage sheds demands of painting to avoid direct sunlight otherwise, the shed color get faded after some time and doesn’t look attractive.


Termite Damage

Termites are the biggest reason for wood damage as they chew them in the search of nutrients and cellulose to stay alive. If you plan to install the wood shed, then you have to take care of termites by using spray and powder.


Difficult to Clean

The walls and ceilings of the wooden sheds capture the fungus, unwanted insects or bugs that require more efforts while cleaning. You have to remove the dust and debris regularly to keep the surroundings fresh and healthy.


Less Secure

The poor door and locks pose a risk of stealing thus, it is less safe compared to the metal building.


According to the above qualities or fewer downsides, metal sheds are the better choice over wooden sheds.

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